B-Fit Band Guide | Home-Fitness

A dynamic 30 minute HIIT workout that you will be able to do anywhere, anytime using your most valuable piece of equipment: YOU! This guide will show you step by step, along with instructional videos the moves to improve your health and mood. You will learn to enjoy the process as you smile, sweat, shred fat and improve your vitality.

Muscular Development & Toning + Weight Training

Gain strength, lose unwanted body fat and tone those troublesome areas. Learn the proper technique and form for optimum results

Flexibility & Endurance Conditioning

Improve and increase flexibility allowing for better mobility and fast recovery after a workout.

Cardiovascular Training

Improve your cardio fitness, energy, and vitality!

Mindful Meditation & Self-Empowerment

Learn to practice self-love, balance, and self-mastery to dedicate to your most vital asset YOU!

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