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Nutrition & Fitness Made Easy

Eating well is so important to your health and wellness—especially when you’re working out regularly.

Combining customized meal and fitness plans is the key to reaching your goals.

We offer a one-time nutrition consultation where Elle, your certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant (ISSA) assesses your current nutrition, reviews your goals, and provides you with daily caloric and macronutrient targets specific to you.

Additionally, we can create personalized 8 to 12-week meal plans so that you don’t need to track calories, calculate macros, or try to find the right recipes.


We give you the structured plans and shopping lists, and all you have to do is put it all together.

  • Personalized macronutrient goals calculated for you

  • Meals with simple recipes planned on a weekly basis

  • Weekly grocery list for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Maximize the effort you’re putting into your personal fitness by upping your nutrition & training game today.


 The NEW 12 Week All Inclusive Nourish & Tone Transformation Plan with Custom Meal Plan:

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  • NEW 1:1 Consultation Questionnaire Review Phone Call

  • Customized Menus in 5-7 Business Days from the date of the questionnaire review call

  • NEW goal date determination. We will prove you with a realistic date you can expect to hit your goal.

  • NEW daily energy expenditure goal.

  • Your Personal Recommended Macronutrient Breakdown

  • 8 Customized Menus according to your specific macros

  • 7 Day Detox + Sugar Detox Meal Plan

  • "The Habit Reset Growth Journal" to help set your intentions each day, set and track goals + more.

  • Mental Detox & Affirmations Workshop Series to build a stronger mindset

  • Guided Morning Meditations

  • Access to the B-FIT with Elle Training & Nutrition App where you can log and track all of your workouts, food, water, sleep, habits and goals. Upload progress photos and monthly measurements.

  • 1:1 Weekly Phone Calls with your Coach

  • Meal Plan Adjustments, as needed

  • Training Plan Adjustments, as needed

  • Text Access: Monday - Friday, 9am 5pm EST

  • Video DEMO of every exercise in your plan

  • 12-week access to progress tracking tools via app

  • Access to B-FIT Fitspiration Facebook Forum for contests, weekly challenges, and exclusive member giveaways

  • Exclusive Member Discounts

  • On The Go Travel Macronutrient Guide Book

  • Meal Planning for Beginners Guide Book

  • Getting Started Guide 


Prior to starting the program, I had never picked up weights, regularly exercised nor explored my relationship with food. Now after completing my first 12 weeks, I have a whole new outlook on health, fitness, food and how it impacts and improves daily life, especially energy and mood! This is still changing and evolving. I have put on muscle, lost 27 lbs and several inches all round and now preparing for phase 2, where my journey continues with Elle’s fantastic support and guidance.

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