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Top 6 Tips to Increase Your BreastMilk Supply Naturally In One Week!

Let's talk about how to get your milk supply up! My milk supply first began decreasing once Adel started daycare and then again when I had my hand and arm surgery due to the medication. But also because I was not drinking enough water, wasn’t eating enough and I was not pumping regularly throughout the day! Adel would be sucking on my nipple and then look at me frustrated, like where is my milk!? I immediately started freaking out because it is my goal to breastfeed him for two years, but minimum 18 months. At the time, it only had been six months. I knew I needed to take action fast!

What’s the solution??

Here are the top 6 tips to naturally increase your milk supply:

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I recommend drinking at least 32 oz a day, but if you can, a gallon is best! I began drinking an 8 oz glass first thing in the morning and carrying a 32 oz bottle with me throughout the day that I refill at least four times, sometimes more. I also make sure to hydrate while and immediately after I breastfeed or pump.


You want to make sure you are pumping at least 1 to 2 times each day for a duration of 20 minutes with the pump attached to each breast simultaneously. It is also helpful to pump after each feeding, if you are able. You want to pump even if no milk is being expressed. This is because you want your body to think that it is needing to produce milk, in hopes that it actually will. #supplyanddemand


There are tons of lactation supplements in the market that aid in the production of naturally increasing your milk supply. Some of the supplements I’ve personally invested in are liquid gold, alfalfa, moringa, collagen and mother’s milk tea. Here are some of the supplements I personally used to boost my supply within one week:

Liquid Gold




Mother’s Milk Tea


Oatmeal naturally has an abundance of nutrients which makes it an awesome super food when it comes to helping promote a mother’s milk supply. Oatmeal has iron in it which also is a must for breastfeeding mothers. This powerful food's hot, rich, and soothing effects while eating it can also help lower stress levels. I love to add walnuts, flaxseeds, some berries, either blueberries or strawberries, vegan protein powder, collagen and oat milk.


You want to strive to enjoy 3-5 smaller nutrient rich meals throughout the day. I've increased my meals making sure I have three solid meals with three good snacks. My snacks are usually nuts, hemp seeds and fruit with yogurt. I also eat more leafy greens, vegetables, protein-rich foods and enjoy herbal teas. It is recommended to enjoy an extra 500 calories per day as a breastfeeding mother. Personally, I don’t believe in counting calories, rather follow your hunger as a guide to how much you need to eat.


When I began to meditate, became more mindful of my thoughts and set my intention to produce milk, my body naturally began to produce more milk. Why? When you practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, it helps decrease your cortisol levels. If you're stressed, this increases cortisol and in return inhibits your body's ability to produce milk. Along with meditation I also started journaling and exercising regularly. Right now I'm currently just walking 30 minutes, three times a week. Soon I will begin to incorporate strength training as well.


Practicing those methods with consistency and intention my milk supply went from 20 minutes of pumping barely 4 oz to over 8 oz within one week. By following this daily recipe: hydration of one gallon of water, meditating each morning, enjoying oatmeal for breakfast, taking the supplementation, making sure I'm getting three solid meals with two solid snacks, pumping for 1 to 2 sessions for 20 minutes, and enjoying lactation tea throughout the day I achieved milk success! Add all of that into your routine and I am sure your milk supply will increase too! #naturallyincreaseyourmilksupply

If this formula works for you, let me know in the comments below, or if you have another trick that you did to help increase your milk supply, let me know.

**Also, note** #breastmilk is awesome for babies and even if you're not doing breast milk, formula is great, too. Whatever works for you, mama.

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