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The Struggles & Perks of Being a Work From Home Mom #WFHM

The only thing better than being a stay-at home parent is having the flexibility to work from anywhere. I love that my job allows me time for myself and family, but also provides an outlet where we can help each other grow professionally by sharing ideas!

My friends are always surprised when they find out what kind of business it takes for me not only stay at home, but also make money! I'm sure many people think they'll be able take on this lifestyle with ease; however it's not always easy balancing all aspects of your life (and there will inevitably come some tough days).


Being a parent is amazing. Owning your own business can be exhilarating, but it also comes with its challenges and demands that may not fit into any one person’s life quite like you want them too! And the real struggle isn't just about balancing work-life balance; there are lots of other factors at play here -- such as figuring out how best to use time efficiently while still giving ourselves enough space (or "me" moments) throughout each day/night.

Struggle #1: You're always working

The days of walking out the office and leaving work behind are over!? Hahaha...I'm sorry to break it to you, but that just doesn't happen anymore. You're always on call - 24/7 availability is a must in this day-and age for any successful career minded individual or company executive worth their salt (insert metaphor). The truth be told though: there isn’t much difference between working an 8 hour shift then 3 hours later checking email.

Struggle #2: You won't be taken seriously

You shouldn't be shamed for working from home! There's a stigma associated with it and others think that you don’t work quite as hard because your job doesn't require an office environment. Let them talk all they want, but know this: when we're at our jobs—whether behind-the scenes or on camera—we are ALL working just as tirelessly (if not more) than any other employee in order to get results so please stop underestimate yourself.

Struggle #3: You Get All of the Responsibility of a Stay-At-Home-Mom

That's a lot of pressure for one mom! You work full-time, likely harder than if you were in an office setting, but still have to handle dinner time and drop offs as well as cleaning up after everyone and yourself. Now it seems like all those other things moms are expected do - like making appointments or errands while balancing their children’s lives and spouse.

Struggle #4: There’s No Down or Off Time

The days go by and I don’t even realize it. Hours can pass without me getting up from my chair or eating anything, sometimes I don't even have the time to shower! Then there are those times when you have to take care of major business (like using the restroom) while at work or while breastfeeding baby, lol! And remember how often we'd imagine having lunch or gym dates with our favorite friends? hardly ever happens anymore because they're always busy too. And when you aren’t physically leaving a work place, it is hard to shut down from “work mode”, especially if there are things left undone at the end of the day. (Which are most days.)

Struggle #5: You’re Constantly Multi-tasking

As a work-from home mom, nothing gets your full attention. You walk by the dishes while chatting with your business partner and think to yourself "Ah let me empty that dish rack." You make beds (sometimes), throw in a load of laundry or cut up veggies to prep - sometimes all in one day! It feels like you're working two jobs at once because it's grueling being tied up so much during our busy lives today--especially since many people don't value this type of work or realize how much work it is until experienced.


But despite some of the many struggles, there are also several perks to being a #WFHM


THE PERKS (top 7)

Perk #1: Chill Work Attire

I think we all dream about waking up in our pajamas and not having to get ready for work. But I've found a way that might be even better: Coaching from my bed or on FaceTime! No commute? Check, check...

Now I am able to sport a chill laid back style wearing yoga pants as often as possible - which is pretty much always when coaching remotely because there's no dress code ;-)

Perk #2: No Commute

I definitely do not miss waking up to drive in Hot-Atlanta traffic all day!

Perk #3: Sleeping In

Sleeping in until 7:00am. (Because when you have a baby, your concept of “sleeping in” radically changes.) BUT if I was driving into work and dropping Adel off at daycare, we’d need to be up at least an hour earlier. Amen to an extra hour of sleep!

Perk #4: Two Birds - One Stone

If done carefully I can do rotations for the laundry/dishes in between meetings and client work. (To be honest, the piles of clean clothes will sit on the dresser until later that evening…or sometimes a few days later.)

Perk #5: Tax write offs

I am able to write off several expenses like our internet, phone, and even a portion of our square footage on the house since it serves as two office spaces.

Perk #6: Lunch at home

On days when Aaron is working from home, we try to enjoy a break at the same time and eat lunch together. This is really nice getting to spend a little quality time together mid-day. Or even get to partake in a "love break" ;-)

Perk #7: Flexible schedule

Most times I do have control over my schedule. This is handy when unexpected things pop up, and it allows me to be home for Adel on days he needs to be home from daycare. However if we deviate from the schedule I set, that means a lot of catch up work on my end.


It’s probably not ideal for anyone to feel as worn down as I do at times, but for now the benefits still outweigh the shortfalls. Working and motherhood are both incredible privileges that I enjoy and love. Home happens to be where both of those roles play out, and I would not change a thing. At the end of each day, I remember to give myself grace and be grateful for all the wonderful blessings: healthy baby, healthy family, a home, career I love, life necessities plus so much more.

How has managing work and motherhood been for you? I would love to know, please share in the comments below ;-) Or share with me via DM on social @theelleross #mompreneurevolved

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