Atlanta, GA, USA

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What People Are Saying


Arielle Suarez

"Elle has helped motivate me to take back control of my life, especially my health. I have lost 30 lbs, gained confidence, greater clarity and feel like a new woman. I am so grateful! She continues to inspire me and I am excited to see my continuous progress."

Gina Rivers

"Elle kept me focused and pushed me to stay consistent. I also loved how I had 24/7 access to her

B-FITwithElle App that gave me access to at-home workouts. Along with a customized meal plan. Leading me to achieve amazing results! Thank you!"

Ivette Hurley

"Elle is amazing! Her challenging yet fun workouts have truly transformed my body to the one I always dreamed! But most importantly she has helped improve my mindset, focusing on self-love first. That transformation begins from within. "

The Blueprint 90-Day Transformation Guide


This book is a health and wellness guide to a 90-Day Breakthrough in how you think, behave, eat, work-out and your overall projection of your self and your world.  It will deliver groundbreaking results to improve your life!


Come take a life-changing 90-day journey with me and learn how you can completely change your perception of self, life, health and holistic fitness. This Blueprint will help guide you on a journey of understanding how to shift your mindset and transform the life you lead in 90-days. My book will give you detailed actionable steps that you will take in order for you to go from where you are today, to where you want to be. The strategies you will learn will be life altering and life long tools to give you the life you've always desired. 


The Blueprint teaches you how to create a dynamic change and shift in your life through improving your perception of self holistically, mind, body & spirit. Through reevaluating your habits, learning the strategies, practicing the action steps & self-reflection exercises you will gain clarity on your purpose and find your Why. You will learn how to take initiative, gain greater clarity and set smarter goals and successfully execute. You will transform your mindset & body to the best version of you. Learn to eliminate doubt & embrace faith as you begin to live the life of your dreams! Growing to become the best version of you!



Ask Elle!

Atlanta, Georgia | info@theelleross.com  

Tel: 470-222-4791

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