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I'm Elle @theelleross. This past year since 2021 so much LIFE has happened! Pregnancy; Marriage to my amazing husband @aaroncotteral; Bought & moved into our 1st dream home; Birthed our handsome baby boy; Experienced postpartum blues; Took 90 days off from social media; Had a major arm and hand surgery (#mommythumb due to baby); and I fully transitioned businesses. Wooo 😮‍💨It was a lot.


Some facts & history: I'm a certified nutritionist/fitness trainer now fitness business coach in Atlanta, GA. Been in ATL for 7+ years. Born and raised in Tacoma, WA where I graduated with my BA in Int’l Business Management. I started in finance post college until I was laid off 5 years ago where I began my B-FITwithElle fitness business where I shared my personal health transformation journey. My experience inspired me to publish two best-selling books “The Blueprint” and “The Habit Reset.” Pre-covid I did in-person training which I loved! But when gyms shut down, I transitioned to full online fitness coaching and had great success. Once I found out I was pregnant, I transitioned to full-time fitness business coaching @thebrandtraineruniversity teaching other fit pros how to successfully launch and automate their online business. 


Fast forward to today, through my experience of pregnancy, unmedicated pain-free birth, and now first time momhood, I've completely fallen in love with everything mom-life related. I absolutely loved being pregnant and giving birth, and might sound crazy, but I’m excited to experience it all again in the next year or two. Here, I mostly use to share fitness content. But now I love to share humorous relatable mommy content with sprinkles of health and business inspiration. I also share weekly vlogs on my YouTube channel #TheElleRoss (l♥️ve for you to subscribe). I'm in the process of writing my third book, which will be all about pregnancy, birth and babies' first year. I hope you don’t mind me occasionally asking y'all questions and getting feedback on various topics. Thank you in advance!


Now that I’ve shared a bit more about me,

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